About Us


Since 1987, PaperSoft has specialized in the development, installation, and support of multi-user business management systems. The realization that both paper converters and brokers were in desperate need of integrated software started the wheels of development turning over 30 years ago. The PaperSoft System was first installed in 1989.


Our mission is to provide both paper converters and brokers a computer software system designed to increase their business productivity and profitability; to give them the competitive edge not only through PaperSoft technology but also with our objective and knowledgeable consulting.


Much of PaperSoft’s development period involved a total analysis of the paper converting industry. We do not just sell a software package that will help increase a company’s productivity; we are offering a relationship calculated to help run a better business.

More than any other company in the software field, we know the paper industry. Which means that, in addition to offering the only product specifically designed for the industry, we have the kind of in-depth knowledge of a converting business that would take others years to absorb. Benefit: Our learning curve is exponentially shorter than anyone else. In the same time it would take one merely to educate another software company on the business and its needs (let alone design a system to meet those needs), PaperSoft can have the system installed and employees trained in its usage.


Many of PaperSoft’s internal telephony and voice services needs are provided by IPiFony.