Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable has been developed to make all its entries automatically to streamline the process and headaches that usually accompany tracking an infinite number of journal entries. A/P has been integrated with Purchasing to provide several great benefits such as the Received But Not Invoiced (RBNI) account described below. Recurring journal entries can be made to handle items such as rent. In addition to handling everyday entries, A/P also lets the user quickly add ‘one-time’ or unique transactions with ease.

  • RBNI (Received But Not Invoiced)
    A pending receipt is entered either manually or electronically and
    the system makes a RBNI entry into an inventory clearing
    account. Upon receipt and voucher of the actual invoices for
    product and freight, the system automatically reverses the
    original RBNI entries and makes new entries based upon the
    actual information.
  • Easy and rapid entry and editing of
    all vendor and service provider information.
  • On-line and interactive inquiry for
    all accounts payable information and easy and rapid editing of
    such information.
  • Automatic or selective payments of
    vendor and service-provider invoices by system- generated
    checks. Also allows for payments by manual check.
  • On-line and interactive access to
    vendor and service-provider history with the company.
  • Easy entry and processing of
    recurring payables such as rent, insurance, equipment leases,
    and similar occurring commitments.
  • Provides a complete array of
    purchases, accounts payable, and payment reports related to all
    of a vendor’s current and historical activities.
  • A wide variety of accounting reports
    are available.