Business Focus Solutions

for The Paper Industry

The PaperSoft System has features designed to meet the needs of paper companies focused on three distinct segments of the paper industry: converters, merchants/brokers, and distributors. If your business is focused on one or more of these industry segments, then the PaperSoft System is the solution for you.
Converters                                                                                                                                                   PaperSoft can automate every aspect of a paper converter’s business. The system tightly integrates customer service, production, and accounting. A feature rich inventory control system (including genealogy tracking) is the cornerstone of this unique software system. The ability to do actual costing combined with the real-time tracking of all production data provides our customers with an accurate profitability analysis of all orders. The integrated design of the system, coupled with its ease of use, results in dramatic productivity increases for most organizations.
For merchants and brokers, the PaperSoft System is designed to make each employee more productive. All of the key components of each transaction are tied together. Purchasing, order entry, shipping, and invoicing are tightly integrated to ensure the efficient processing of each transaction. This results in improved productivity and much tighter control of the entire process.