General Ledger

The PaperSoft System provides a General Ledger that categorizes and summarizes the activities of each segment of the system and, where applicable and necessary, provides the repetitive or customized operational and management reports to meet the information and decision-making needs of your company.

Information that is available from the system may provide you with the means to implement programs to increase revenue, reduce costs and expenses, improve productivity, increase profitability, and enhance cash flow and cash balance management.

Significant Features

  • The system provides for the easy entry and editing of Chart-of-Accounts information, which can allow for up to four Account and Sub-Account codes for departmental accounting and management purposes.
  • Allows for a customized General Ledger schedule of up to thirteen accounting periods.
  • Allows for the custom designed departmental and, where applicable, multi-company operational and management reports, with comparatives and variances to budget or history where desired.
  • Requires that all journal entries be balanced before posting, and prevents posting to undefined general ledger accounts, which can be defined on-the-fly as needed.
    Provides for recurring journal entries for transactions that repeat every accounting period.
  • Provides for the duplication of the Chart-of-Accounts for up to ninety-nine additional company general ledgers, and their consolidation into a single operational and management report where desired.
  • Produces multiple-company or consolidated financial statements upon request.