Inventory Control

“The inventory control that PaperSoft provides is impressive.”
Linda Duffy
Manchester Industries (VA)

Inventory Control Features
The Inventory Control module has been developed to address the unique inventory control challenges faced by paper companies. It maintains both raw materials and a finished goods inventory. The PaperSoft System allows you to track individual rolls or pallets of paper by their unique characteristics without the use of a part number. This approach allows you to do actual costing and track the age of an individual inventory item.

The Inventory Control module includes the following features:

  • Track each roll/skid based on its unique characteristics
  • These include Category (rolls/sheets), Grade, Basis Weight, Caliper, Width, Length, Diameter, Coating, Color, Special Conditions, or Mill
  • Genealogy Tracking – system tracks all children (outputs) back to the parent (input). The system can track multiple children from one parent or multiple parents that create one child.
  • Butt Roll (Takedowns) Tracking – butt rolls are put back into inventory for what they are (actual characteristics), not what they were (parent roll characteristics).
  • Users are able to view inventory by lot or by each roll or pallet. Inventory searches can be based on any one or any multiple inventory characteristics
  • A system log automatically tracks any activities that affect a particular inventory item. The user name, time and activity are captured. This log can be viewed on a screen.
  • Automatically creates inventory labels with bar codes. Labels are designed to meet each customer’s unique requirements and specifications.
  • Actual cost of inventory is tracked by rolls or pallets
  • The system supports over one million warehouse locations or production facilities
  • Allows for customer defined bin locations by warehouse
  • New material grades are easily defined and tracked with in the system. Grade names are defined within the Material Grade set-up file. This allows each PaperSoft customer to use material grade names they are used to.
  • The system supports Radio Frequency (RF) Devices that utilizes system bar codes to track material movement
  • Provides a complete array of inventory reports
  • Tracks customer owned stock
  • Special user defined inventory conditions are tracked and visible during inventory searches. An example of a tracked condition would be “crushed core” or “dirty edges”
  • Allows for pre-receiving of inventory
  • Provides visibility to ‘In-transit’ inventory