Purchasing and Receiving Features
The Purchasing and Receiving module is designed to meet the unique requirements of the paper industry. Its flexible design allows you to purchase specific products or ranges of products. You can issue blanket PO’s to take advantage of quantity discounts. The system captures roll detail as part of the receiving process for use as the raw material moves through the PaperSoft System. It also captures and stores the mill’s roll number for future reference. The Purchasing and Receiving module is tightly integrated with costing.

The Purchasing and Receiving modules includes the following features:

  • Creation of both regular purchase orders or blanket purchase orders
  • Unlimited number of purchase order lines
  • Unlimited number of releases per purchase order line
  • PO’s can be issued for specific inventory characteristics or for ranges of characteristics
  • Default notes from Vendor File
  • Additional notes by line and/or release
  • “Auto-Text” feature allows you to create a list of recurring notes that can be selected and attached to a PO easily on an “as-needed” basis
  • PO and releases can be designed to meet the unique needs of your organization
  • PO and PO release documents can be faxed directly from the desktop
  • Receiving process can be simplified by utilizing EDI standards to electronically receive roll detail data from vendors
  • Incoming paper can be committed to a specific order
  • Allows you to “pre-receive” inventory to simplify the receiving process and to give your employees visibility to in-transit inventory
  • Supports the use of bar codes and Radio Frequency (RF) Scanners
  • Automatic conversion of metric roll detail to imperial
  • User defined inventory labels can be generated for each roll
  • Allows you to receive and track customer owned inventory.
  • Allows you to create PO’s for non-paper items or supplies
  • The Purchasing/Receiving module has extensive reporting capabilities