Sales Management

“The ability for salesmen or other key employees to access the system remotely has been a great benefit to our organization.”
Linda Duffy
Manchester Industries (VA)

Sales Management/Order Entry Features
The PaperSoft Sales Management and Order Entry module has been designed with the paper salesperson in mind. The features within this module will improve both customer service and employee productivity. All of the information that an Inside Customer Service Representative or an Outside Salesperson might need to fill a customer order or answer a customer inquiry is a keystroke away. The high level of integration between this module and the rest of the PaperSoft System eliminates the redundant keying of data.

Features within the Sales Management/Order Entry module include:

  • System scheduled activities by salesman
  • Customer/Prospect specific notes
  • Ship to specific notes
  • Tracking of customer preferences
  • Real time open order status information
  • Access to both open and invoiced orders by customer via a function key
  • Order Copy function allows for simplified order entry of repeat orders
  • Quick access to customer credit information including available credit, current balances, and payment history
  • Supports an unlimited number of ship to locations. The system maintains telephone numbers, fax numbers, and contact names for each location
  • “Auto Text” feature for a list of recurring notes that can be attached to an order
  • Generation of “Order Proof” for a quick management review of all sales orders
  • The ability to do an instant look-up of inventory
  • Order Acknowledgement can be created and faxed from the desktop
  • Supports “As-Is” Sales
  • Supports drop ship Sales
  • Supports Contract Converting
  • The system provides a complete array of sales analysis reports