Shipping & Scheduling

“We have seen a 10-15% productivity improvement in both shipping and receiving.”
Will Achberger
Plant Manager
Roberds Converting (OH)

Shipping/Shipment Scheduling Features

The Shipping and Shipment Scheduling module is tightly integrated with both the Order Entry module and the Production module to improve efficiency. The system is designed to improve productivity and minimize shipping costs.

The Shipping and Shipment Scheduling module includes the following features:

  • Supports an unlimited number of user defined shipping territories
  • Supports any user defined shipping method (truck, rail, ship, etc.)
  • All orders that are ready for shipment appear on the “unscheduled for shipment” screen
  • Supports drop ship and “As-Is” shipments
  • Freight rates can be set up and entered by carrier
  • Supports different methods of freight payment such as prepaid, prepaid and add, freight collect etc.
  • System groups all orders for a specific territory together to be assigned to the same truck
  • Shipping labels may be printed just prior to shipping
  • Customer specific shipping labels can be designed for each customer
  • Supports multiple loads for one order
  • Supports assignments for future loads
  • Automatically creates shipping paperwork including loading tallies, routing report, pick list, packing list, load manifests and will print a custom Bill of Lading
  • Supports consolidated Bill of Lading
  • Supports blind shipments
  • The Shipping/Shipment Scheduling module provides extensive reporting capabilities